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Sting Band




The Sting Band fosters leadership, accountability, and responsibility through an inclusive,  collaborative environment. We produce skilled students who bond together and become lifelong musicians that love music. We give back to our community by providing entertainment and spreading joy through performances. 

Who We Are

The band engages students in a group activity that allows them to utilize their free time constructively, creates a sense of cultural and aesthetic awareness and instills proper values among which are; responsibility, seriousness of purpose, devotion to duty, spirit of cooperation and sensitivity to beauty. It develops proper work habits through the academic self-discipline of the curriculum and a daily practice routine, as well as the ability of self-expression and intelligent listening skills fostering greater communication.


Contact the Band Staff

Charms Calendar

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Look at Charms Calendar information for the Spring Semester

1. Go to

2. Locate the "ENTER/LOGIN" section of the webpage and select "Parents/Students/Members"

3. Enter the school code: TexasCityBand. This will bring up the main parent page. This will allow you to look at the band's public calendar, email the staff, or see handouts and other files.

Calendar information below:

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